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Steps to Wellbeing & Measuring Your Omega-3 Index

Mentanine® and Omega-3 Index Booster Guidelines – PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction

Step 1. Month 1

Step 2. Month 2

Step 3. Month 4

– Buy one bottle of Mentanine® and get one free bottle of Omega-3 Index Booster. – Click to add to cart*

– Use the link below to buy an Omega-3 Index test kit ($50) to assess your Omega-3 Index level (1)


– Take two capsules per day (morning and evening)

Omega-3 Index Booster (refrigeration recommended)
– Take four soft gels per day (morning, 3,000mg, DHA, EPA)

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Assess results……

If improvements after month one, continue for two more months.     

If no improvements, STOP taking Mentanine® and continue with Omega-3 Index Booster (2)

Use the link below to buy an Omega-3 Index test kit ($50): 

https://omegaquant.com/omega-3-index-basic (assess improvement in your Omega-3 Index)

Take Mentanine® for one month and assess improvements. If there are no improvements, Mentanine® is not for you.

If improvements…

Maintain quality of mental health and wellbeing. 


Take two capsules per day (morning and evening)  

Omega-3 Index Booster

Take two soft gels per day (morning)


Note 1

When you take an Omega-3 Index test it gives you a percentage, which is simply a measure of the amount of EPA and DHA in your blood. An Omega-3 Index of 8% or higher is ideal, the lowest risk zone. However, most people hover around 6% or below. And unfortunately, in the US, most people are at 4% or below – the highest risk zone.

Raising your Omega-3 Index to the desirable zone of 8% will help ensure you are getting enough of the right omega-3s — EPA and DHA — to protect your health.

Higher Omega-3 EPA and DHA levels have been linked to improved:

Heart Health

Brain Health

Eye Healt


Note 2

In month four and onward, it is recommended to take two omega-3 soft gels per day (1,500mg of DHA, EPA) to supplement one’s essential fatty acid daily intake requirements for health and overall wellbeing.

EPA and DHA are essential nutrients that play crucial roles in brain health and function. Optimal levels in the brain are critical, as they are involved in maintaining the integrity of cell membranes, promoting the formation of synapses, and influencing various signaling pathways.