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Money-back guarantee 90-day program

How to sign up – (complete all 4 steps)

Steps to follow

Step 1.

Use this link to take the self-evaluation questionnaire for Anxiety and Depression, add two scores together and send the total score during registration:


Example test results:

depression test score15 of 27
anxiety test score10 of 21
Total score to report25 of 48
Step 2.

Use this link to buy an Omega-3 Index test kit ($49.95) – send the test result during registration: https://omegaquant.com/omega-3-index-basic

Step 3.

Buy a 90-day Bundle (15% off) $90.00 saving (Mentanine® & Omega-3 Booster) for $540.00 – Click to add to cart*

Step 4.


*This link will redirect you back to this page, but items will be added to your cart where you can review them after completing your registration.


Terms and conditions:

In order to receive a 100% refund for Mentanine®, I agree and commit to the following:

  1. Submit all 3 scores from self-evaluation questionnaires to support@canaquest.com (one score per month)
  2. Submit the Omega-3 Index Result__% at the beginning and after 90-day treatment
  3. Commit to taking prescribed doses of Mentanine® together with the Omega-3 Index Booster® for 90 days.
  4. Check your improvement or lack of it at least once a month
  5. You can stop using Mentanine® and send a cancellation note indicating a lack of health improvement at the end of the 30, 60 or 90-day Mentanine® & Omega-3 Index Booster treatment.
  6. The cancelation notes requesting money-back can be sent within 10 days after terminating treatment to support@canaqueststore.com
  7. Return all not opened bottles for 100% money back (the seal on the bottle should not be disturbed)

Money back program

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