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With so many different cannabis products, it can be difficult to know where to start. We at CanaQuest have recognized the need and developed specific scientific formulations to help in safer cannabinoid consumption.


Inhaled cannabinoids have a rapid onset of action and are commonly used for conditions that require immediate and quick relief—like chemo-induced nausea and vomiting, and breakthrough pain when the analgesic effects of a longer-acting cannabinoid begin to fade. The biggest problem of inhaled cannabis product is health risk caused by THC and CBD consumption and known diseases associated with smoking.

In contrast, ingested cannabinoids, like oils and capsules, are known for their long-lasting effects and are more desirable in the management of persistent symptoms such as chronic pain, sleep maintenance or spasticity, where longer duration is the priority. The  problem with these products is the extremely low 6%-10% efficiency. These ingestible cannabinoid products require a large volume of consumption to be effective. A major problem with ingested cannabinoids is that 90% of the cannabinoids stays within the digestive system, including liver. Chronic use of these products can cause severe liver health risk. Both of our products, Mentanine and Mentabinol are administrated sublingually, thus bypassing the liver by fast absorption into the blood stream, providing additional safety.

MENTABINOL & MENTANINE (safer alterative to other cannabinoids)

Many physicians prescribe CBD products more freely than THC because CBD is not euphoric and Health Canada does not prohibit larger dosage.

Our first scientifically developed THC based formulation, Mentabinol®, was developed for patients relying on repeatable THC consumption. Extended THC exposure is proven to create negative side effects. Mentabinol® eliminates these problems, providing a safer alternative and safer THC medication.

Our second scientifically developed, CBD based formulation,, MENTANINE®, is developed to minimize exposure to CBD and directly minimize the effect of large consumption of CBD causing negative side effects within the digestive system. The MENTANINE® formulation is at least 10 times more effective than any other CBD on the market today. Consumption of this formulation eliminates problems with the digestive system, including the health risk of the liver while reducing the exposure to CBD consumption 10-fold.

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Medical Documents can be downloaded from Health Canada; however, most physicians find it more convenient to use the Medical Document provided by their preferred Licensed Producer. ADC BioMedical  lets practitioners complete the Medical Document online. Their HCP portal also lets you confirm your patient has ordered the right product? Register for the HCP portal here.

If you choose not to use the HCP portal, patients can take a hard copy of their Medical Document home and use it to order online or by telephone.

The amount of medical cannabis that you have been authorized to purchase, as stipulated by your healthcare professional and written on your Medical Document, comes in number of grams of dried flower product you are authorized to receive on a daily basis. Many of our customers prefer to buy cannabis oil or softgels.

How do you convert the number of grams you? re allowed into a liquid amount or number of softgels?

We do this calculation for you each time you purchase from our online store. Here?

how that calculation is done.

We do this calculation for you each time you purchase from our online store. This equivalency factor converts the grams of dried cannabis into the volume of oil or the number of softgels purchased for the purpose of tracking the purchased amount against the authorized amount in grams per day.

Dried flower products are sold in grams, oils in mL, and softgels in milligrams.

Our gram equivalencies are changing as of September 3.

The equivalency factor is based on the quantity of dried cannabis that is required to produce 1 mL of cannabis oil.

It takes approximately 1 g of dried flowers to produce 4 mL of cannabis oil.

Thus, the equivalency factor is 4:1. Each bottle of oil (40 mL) is equivalent to 10 g of dried flowers on your authorization.

10mg THC /Softgel for 30 softgels = 10g

2,5mg THC/Softgel for 60 softgels =5g

 20mg CBD/Softgel for 30softgels = 10g

Patients can purchase and possess up to their 30-day supply of dried cannabis, or its equivalent, to a maximum of 150 grams. Should the 30-day limit exceed 150 grams, the patient will have to place more than 1 order in the month.

It is important to remember that the equivalency factor is based on the quantity of dried cannabis that is required to produce 1 mL of cannabis oil and does not take into account the concentration of cannabinoids in different products.

For this reason, the equivalency factor is not to be used for dosing calculations. Please speak with your healthcare professional about dosing medical cannabis.