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Impact your quality of life

Pre-clinical trial results indicate that Mentanine® has multiple times the efficacy as compared to CBD alone.
  • Reduced Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Addictive effects.
  • Showed a significant reduction of inflammation, which could be beneficial for pain management.

Mentanine® can be administrated with a significantly faster rate of absorption and significantly smaller doses compared to other CBD medications, therefore, reducing or even eliminating the negative side effects of liver toxicity caused by the high consumption of CBD oils available today.

Your Brain Can Work Better.

Mentanine® formulation bypasses the CB1 and CB2 receptors through the newly discovered pathway of PPAR receptors and enables the formula to enter the central nervous system (the brain) and target the portion of the brain that deals with emotions, such as anxiety and depression.

Mentanine® compounds can interact with the serotonin that is in the body and help the body and the brain better respond in a more positive way.


Better Brain From The Inside Out.

Mentanine® is a plant-based cannabidiol “CBD” and natural IP formula. The formulated ingredients bond and synergistically attach to the PPAR receptor allowing the Mentanine® formula to CROSS the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER “BBB” to target the central nervous system (the brain) with amplified effects and efficacy.

CBD by itself does not do this. With improved efficacy, Mentanine® addresses neurological conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction.


There are 1000s of YouTube videos, products, and websites selling Omega 3.

The reason is that it has been known to help with Depression, Calm Anxiety, Enhance your vision, and help prevent heart disease.

In the right formula, there is a special chemical reaction when Mentanine® and Omega3 bond in just the right way. This creates a unique pathway to the brain no other supplement has been able to accomplish.

Depression or Anxiety?
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We advise first-time users to consult their physicians about dosage before taking Mentanine® to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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